Muslim Names for Boys & Girls with Meaning

A name is considered to be a Muslim name when it falls within the guidelines of Islam. The name must have appropriate meanings as well as. Here at PriceyWeb, you can find popular Islamic names starting from different alphabets for both genders are present so you can assign them to your little angels. We have a vast collection of trending, famous, and latest Muslim names of children on our Website so that you can pick the best one for your child.  

ArhamMercy, Compassion, Kindness
AyanGif Of God, Reward, Blessing
AyaanGift Of God, Reward, Generosity
AryanWarrior, invasionary mind people, related to prehistoric Arya people
AnasAffection, Love, Pleasant Companionship
AzlanLion, Brave, Courageous man
AliEminent, Noble, High In Rank
AayanGod’s Gift, Manifest, Blessing
ArishRighteous, Nobel, A Brave Solider
AdnanSettler, One Who Settle For A Long Time In A Place, Paradise
AsifForgiveness, Strong, Powerful, Fierce
AsadLion, Virtuous, Fortunate
AbdullahServant Of Allah, Obedient, Name Of Prophet’s Father
AhadOne, Unique, Matchless, Another Name For God
AhmedPraise Worthy, Noble, Commendable, Name Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
AyazCool Breeze, Night Breeze, A Servant Of Sultan Mehmood
AfanTo Forgive, A Person Who Forgives, Modest
AaronExalted One, Enlightened, High Mountain
AbrarVirtuous, Pious, Great Man
AmanSafety, Protection, Peace
AhmadPraiseworthy, Commendable, Noble, Admirable
ArsalanLion, Brave man, Warrior In Afghan
AhilEmperor, Ruler, Great Leader
AdyanReligious, Pious, Creeds, Plural Of Deen
AbaanMountain’s Name, Clear, Name Of A Companion
ArifKnowledgeable, Learned, Expert, Authority
AzanCall To Prayer, Power, Strength
AzaanCall To Prayer, Power, Strength

Abu-TurabClay’s Father, An Attributive Of Caliph Ali
AamirCivilized, Amply Settled, Prosperous, Full of life
AmmarLong-Lived, God-Fearing, Pious
ArshanStrong And Brave Man, A Character In Shahnameh (Kavous' Brother)
ArshadBetter Guided, Honest, Most Rightly Guided, Most Reasonable
AbirAroma; Strong
AtifThe kind One, Kind Hearted, Compassionate
AzhaanGeniuses, Intellects, Wits, Abilities
AhnafThe straight path, worshiper of Allah
AbeerScent, Perfume, Fragrance
ArabWish, Desire
AhsanThe Best Of All, Better, Superior.
AbbasLion, Stern, Serious Grim-Faced
AsharWise, Prudent, One Who Has Wisdom, Liveliness
AdanParadise, Heaven, Garden Of A Heaven
ArafatMount Of Recognition
AhtishamGlory, honor, greatness
AbanClear, Eloquent, Lucid, Distinct
ArslanLion, Brave Man, Warrior In Afghan
AabidWorshiper, One Who Worship Allah, God Knows
AasimShield, Protector, Guardian, Rescuer
AftabThe Sun
AqibFinal, Successor, Following, Subsequent
AbidGod'S Worshipper; God Knows
AlamThe Whole World
AmaanVariant Of Aman: Protection. Without Fear
AaqibIn Sindhi meaning is : Follower

AltamashArmy chief
AkhtarStar. Good Luck.
Armaansoldier. Famous Bearer
AadilFairness, Justice
ArizFirmly, Strong
AslamSafer; Freer
Abu ZarFather of money, Rich, One who have alot of Money
AmirRich, Prosperous, Populous
ArashBright arrow
AlifTo Love
AltafKinder, More Gentle, Gracious, Tender
AmjadGreater Glory
AzeemProtector, Defender
AakifGiven, Attached
AbdulServant Of God
AbadEverlasting, Eternal
Abu hurairahFather Of A Kitten 
AsimShield, Protector, Guardian, Rescuer
AshfaqNoble Prince
AslanIn turkish meaning is : Lion
AahidPromise, Covenant, The Commitment
AaribHandsome, healthy.
ArmanWish, ultimate goal, greatest desire, ultimate purpose, greatest longing
ArsalThe one who was sent
Abdul-hadiVariant Of Abdul-Haady: Servant Of The Guide

AafeenThose Who Forgive, To Forgive Mistake
ArshmanPride Of Sky, Price Throne, King Of The Heavens
Al AminAn epithet of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) 
AfaqHorizon Collecting Blessed
AyyanGift Of God
AafiThose Who Forgive, To Forgive
AzizNoble, Exalted, Lofty, Extraordinary
AbrahamIn American meaning is : Father of a multitude
AshiqLover, Fancier
Abdul AhadServant of the One
AkhiMy Brother
AnsariRelation through ancestry
AshirWealthy, Grateful, Thankful
AadamVariant Of Adam. The Biblical Adam Is The English Language Equivalent.
AfrazVery Learned In Divine Law
AyyashBread seller
AkhilIn Hindu meaning is : Complete
AreebSkillful, Adroit.
Abu-bakrCompanion Of Muhammad
AnisCompanion, Friend, Lover
AzadIndependent Free
AdibVariant Of Adeeb: Scholar, Cultured, Civil, Well-mannered
AntarRush Boldly In To Danger
AfridiA tribe name
AtharVery Pious Pure
AzimGreat, Magnificent, Admirable, Splendid
Abdur-rahmanVariant Of Abdul Rahman: One Who Serves A Merciful Man
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