Do contests and free give-a-ways really help to get more customers?

Lucky or not?

Who doesn’t like the idea of getting something extra especially when it is totally free and you have been lucky enough to get it is as gift or win in a contest? This gives a feeling of being smarter than others, luckier, special, stronger, quick respondent and a feeling of being singled out from a group. For once it feels like a super star who is under everyone’s discussion and every other person of that group is comparing themselves with you. Now the question that puts some people into deep thoughts is that do contests and free give-a-ways really help? Let us review some basics about free give a ways and contests and by the end of this article you’d be able to figure out whether or not contests and free give-a-ways help.

From a business point of view contests and free give a ways help to bring in traffic to a great extent. People tend to read that post, respond to it, share it with their friends and do the needful. Once a winner is announced it:
  • Motivates others to keep an eye on the next one
  • Brings in new traffic and target people who have been tagged in previous post.

Bring in new followers

These new faces tag new friends and the circle goes on. Some people are so much enthusiastic to win that they keep trying until they actually win something. Whereas there surely are some who get disappointed, leave negative comments, criticize and vanish. Once a contest is over, number or visitors or involved followers drops for some time until you again involve your devoted followers and introduce new products and services to welcome one potential followers.

Cool Activity

Value of prizes doesn’t matter. Even if it’s a simple key chain, if someone wins it in a contest, he or she feels lucky and will definitely try again. Others try in competition to the first winner. But an important part of introducing a give a way or contest is that you should make it viral. Your gifts might be really awesome but what’s the point of bringing them in if the post hasn’t reached much viewers.

Tips to boost involvement
  •  Decide on the aim of the contest – improve website views, increase social media interaction that will result in visits, attract readers and make them come back more often, award referrals etc.
  • Decide on the best time to run the contest – when it's a season for contests (i.e. Christmas, Easter, etc.), off-season, major website celebrations.
  •  Decide what sort of contest you want – there are several forms of contest, so based on what you choose, you may challenge participants to perform easy or more complex activities. 
  •  Phase one in this course of action is crucial in deciding this thirsty move.
  • Think about some cool and desirable prizes – bonus tip – if you have multiple prices, don't include them all from the beginning, add them up from time to time if you realize you aren’t getting much response. 
  • Start looking for sponsors-either offer the prizes or pay them.
  •  Talk on whether to advertise the contest-social media outlets, email messages, contacting fellow bloggers, talking on time limits as well-how frequently to repeat the announcement and encourage entrants.
  • Get ready for the contest announcement, along with messages on social media – tweets, Facebook status update or special contest page if appropriate.
  • Be very specific about the rules – you can't go back to them later, so make sure they leave space for some unexpected circumstance, like spammers.
  •  Ensure continuous involvement and promoting your contest constantly.
  •  Announce winner on the exact date and time you have mentioned.

Cherry on top

Adding last minute surprise or additional item can be a cherry on top. Contests and free give a ways have become very common now especially on Instagram. They do play their role but only if people actually win. Thy help to promote you, your product and bring in more customers and followers. When winners will use your product (if the contest included your own products) then once they will use them, they will definitely leave a review. So it’s a win-win situation but only if people are actually winning and winners do come back with images of what they have won and reviews of how they feel. It’s a rule of thumb in marketing that people tend to believe general public in terms of entailing your product’s features rather than you yourself bragging about them.

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