How to share or transfer files to distant devices

How to share files from one device to another anywhere in the world

Are you trying to share files or some other stuff online to your loved ones and searching for the ways to do so and tried a lot of apps but didn't find the right one. Well, today I'm gonna share an app which not only provides unlimited sized videos but also promises fast and secure service.
How to share media files to distant devices

Send Anywhere:

What is Send Anywhere:

Send Anywhere is a file sharing application that takes an easy, quick, and unlimited approach to file sharing. Whether it is Cloud sharing or storage services Send Anywhere offers unlimited file storing and sharing. Send Anywhere is for anyone wanting to share quality content, quickly, from any device to anyone in the world.

How does it works:

Send Anywhere provides the following three sharing options:

  • 6-Digit Key Sharing:

This method is also referred as real time sharing. In 6-Digit Key Sharing method, you need to select any file to send which generates a random 6-digit key which you need to convey to the recipient. On entering the correct 6-digit key, the sharing starts.

  • Share Link:
This method is useful when you can't share files in real time or you want to share a file to multiple peoples. In this method, when you select a file to send a random link is created. By using that link, you can download files without any count limits during within the expiration time. And after the expiration, it will be deleted. The expiration time is usually 48 hours.

  • To Device Method:
In this method, you can send files to the frequently used devices without any 6-digit key. By selecting the device you can send files directly to it.

Size Limits for using Send Anywhere:

Max file upload size depends on the way to upload files.
If you subscribe Send Anywhere PLUS (which is a premium feature), you can upload more big size files.

  • 6-digit Key: Unlimited
  • Share-Link: 10GB (Free) / 50GB (PLUS)
  • To Device Directly: 10GB
Send Anywhere works on cross platforms as well which means you can send files to any device. Whether you're sending files from PC or and Android device you can receive files from any device anywhere around the world.

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