How to set-up custom domain in blogger

Setting-up Custom Domain in Blogger:

Need help with setting up Domain in Blogger? Need not to worry. By the time you are done reading this post, you will be fully prepared to set up the domain in Blogger.
But before moving ahead, you might be wondering, why do I need a custom domain for Blogger? Well most of the new users who begin a blog like to utilize BlogSpot as their platform for blogging. BlogSpot is free, and you require less specialized abilities to begin. The venture is zero, and the profits are high.

Likewise, you get boundless data transfer capacity and boundless stockpiling in BlogSpot. (In spite of the fact that capacity isn't actually "boundless", we have a lot of choices, such as making an alternate profile and utilizing it to store pictures and records.)

One thing which is disliked of BlogSpot is the .blogspot domain name, which can without much of a stretch be settled by purchasing a custom domain name.

A BlogSpot URL is something like:

A custom domain name is: 

And a custom Domain has numerous additional advantages and favors over a .blogspot Domain name.

Now lets get back to our topic of discussion. When you enlist your BlogSpot blog, you will get another blog with some URL. This blog will be facilitated on Google's servers and you can make posts on your blog by signing in at Blogger.Com. Presently Custom domain implies that we will utilize our own domain name as opposed to having the extension When you utilize a custom area, your blog will at present be facilitated on Google's servers and you can keep making posts from as you commonly do. So the main thing that gets altered here is the blog's URL

What amount does this Cost?

For utilizing a custom domain you should purchase your own particular domain name. The cost of the area name will fluctuate contingent upon the space expansion that you pick. Be that as it may, typically the majority of us will want to purchase domains which closes with a .NET, .COM, .ORG areas will cost something close to 10 US Dollars. So you simply need to burn through 10-12 dollars and you can have your blog running at the new area which you purchase.

Purchasing the domain

There are numerous enrollment sites for domain. You can specifically purchase yours from any of them. If you are in the United States, you can utilize Google Domains which incorporates well with Blogger.

How to purchase domain and setup my blog with the fresh domain?

When you need to setup your custom domain by purchasing it from Google Domains, at that point you have to go to Settings > Basic and under the segment that says Publishing, you need to pick the Buy a domain option(This is as of now just accessible in the United States as Google Domains is currently under Public Beta).

When Google Domains is as yet not accessible in your nation, you can without much of a stretch pick another Domain name supplier like or Godaddy. These are trusted space name enlistment centers and domain names will cost some place close to 10-12 dollars on these sites. You may discover some coupon codes on the web which can additionally decrease the cost. As these are outsider recorders, you should do some manual arrangement for publishing your blog to your domain name. This design is very straightforward.

setup custom domain in blogger

It just costs something under 10$. Isn't it justified for an attempt? Therefore folks, hustle and get your own custom domain web blogs and let us know through your views and feedback whether our instructional exercises were useful to you in setting it up.

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