How to make money blogging.

How to make money with blog, start your blog
Perhaps you've heard people earning handsome amount of money blogging. Have you ever wondered how did they do? How to create a blog and make money online? How to earn money blogging? Do you want to earn money like other bloggers as well. If yes, then you've come to the right place. In the next few steps you'll learn how you can make money with blogging too. In this post you'll find all the answers you've ever wondered about how to make money blogging. 

Select a niche
In the very first step, you should think of some genres or niche which suits you most. Remember, niche is the most important thing about blogging as most of the traffic will come to your blog because of your niche.
The traffic which will come to your site will generate money for you so think carefully about your niche before getting started. Here are some of the ideas you should consider while thinking of your niche
  • Health and Fitness
  • Self Finance
  • Personal Blog (so people get to know you and your activities)
  • Make money online (you can share money making ideas)
  • Food
  • Review Blog (you can share reviews of different products you used)
  • Beauty and Fashion
If you have picked up some idea or niche then lets get start with it. Now you need to create a blog in order to put your ideas or articles online. There are multiple ways to do so. If you're planning to not to invest money then obviously you should choose blogger but if you want to invest some then you can try other paid Content Management Systems (CMS) like wordpress, Wix, Joomla or tumbler etc. As the subject topic is regarding blogger therefore I'll not discuss about other CMS. Now lets create your first blog with Blogger.

    Create a Blog
    Your very first step is to obviously create a blog after thinking some ideas. To create a blog firstly go to and create your blog. Creating a blog with blogger is really simple you just need to sign in with your Google account and then select a blog name whichever you'd like to and select your template. Here it is, you've successfully created your blog.

    Design your blog
    After creating your blog, don't forget to make its interface users friendly as this is the most significant step because visors always prefer a user friendly blog/website. So add some logo representing you site and gadgets that will impress your visitors. Don't forget to add follow/subscribe gadget as this will make them stick with your blog. Select a user friendly color. Now if you want to add some CSS techniques to your blog then you can do it as well. You can find that in theme>customize. Now lets move on to the very important step.

    Add content to your blog
    In order to attract people you need to write some articles but don't forget to write on the subject niche or genre you've selected. Don't mix up the stuff as it will give bad impacts to visitors. Remember, you need real traffic in order to earn from blog therefore, you need to add some quality content which will interest the visitors. If your blog doesn't have what people need then they won't visit your blog again. So always remember to post what people are interested in and looking for. 

    Streams of income with blogging
    Now there are many ways to earn from your blog. Following are the widely used methods by professional bloggers to earn money from blog. You can pick some as well which you find useful and can avail.

    Join an advertising program
    Advertising (monetization) is the basic and widely used method by many bloggers. To monetize their site you need to find some advertising agencies like Adsense, Infolinks, Doubleclick etc. But unfortunately if your blog doesn't comply with their policies then you won't be able to use their services. Before submitting your application to these advertising agencies remember to read their T&Cs and their Policies. It is a bit difficult to get approved for an adsense account as they have very strict T&Cs and policies but you can give it a try but I'd advice you to fulfill their basic requirements before submitting your application to them. Most of the bloggers or website owners i.e. publishers prefer Adsense as it is the highest paying Ad Network to publishers. Anyways, if, for some reason, your application is rejected after few applications then don't need to worry, you can still monetize your site with other advertising agencies which has less requirements and which are not much popular like adsense. You can try Infolinks to monetize your blog and start earning some real cash. This advertising network don't have strict policies or terms and gets approved instantly. You can simply Click Here to sign up for an Infolinks Account and get you site approved by simply following the methods to set up ads on your blog. After that you need some traffic to interact with those ads.

    If you created your blog and you don't know how to attract or get more traffic to your blog or website, read this article which is widely adopted by all pro bloggers to drive traffic to their bog.

    10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog

    Affiliate marketing
    Affiliate Marketing is considered as an ideal business for many bloggers because it doesn't require  money to get started and products or services to be delivered. In Affiliate Marketing you're actually paid for referring new clients and customers to other businesses.
    Before jumping into affiliate marketing, learn all that's involved in making it a succesfull business. It is significant if you decide to pursue an affiliate marketing business you should understand that its neither fast nor without effort.

    Sell your own Ad space
    You can sell your own ad space to the advertisers but remember you need enough audience to attract advertisers to your blog and this is only possible if your blog contains quality content. However, may serve the purpose even if your blog has not much traffic. Simpy sign up with them and after creating Adspace generate code and place it to your site. Adhitz is a Cost Per Click (CPC) Ad Network which means you'll be earning every time a user click on your ads. But remember generating your own and fradulent clicks may lead to suspension of your account. So, don't do any activity which doesn't comply with their User Agreement.

    Keep visiting this post now and then as I'll be adding other ways from time to time and don't forget to give your valuable suggestions. You're always welcome to contact us for any reason.


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