How to work or increase your earnings with Neobux

How to work or increase your earning with Neobux

Strategy to make more money with neobux
The  very first thing to do, is of course to register at official site of NeoBux. Registration is free of charge and works like any other common website registration. If you still don't know how to get registered at Neobux then read a detailed post on how to get registered with Neobux. This post is actually a simple guide on how to start work at Neobux. . If you have already registered yourself at Neobux and wondering how to start work then keep reading
this article to find out how to work at Neobux.

First Step (Clicking advertisements):

Pick a time in the 24-hour period in which you log on everyday to NeoBux and view every ad available ( you won’t get paid for the clicks made by your refs if you don’t view every ad yourself). There are few buttons on Neobux website which are more significant for you to know. "View Advertisements" "Games" "Offers" "Forum" "FAQ". The very first thing which you should do is to click advertisements by clicking on the "View Advertisement" then you'll be directed to the page containing different types of ads of different colors like "Orange" "Green" and "Yellow" (colors may differ). You should click last 4 fixed advertisements first as these are fixed advertisements and you'd get your commission from your referrals if you have watched these fixed ads. View all the rest advertisements available on this page. If you don't know how to watch advertisements and Adprizes on Neobux watch this video.

Second Step (Watching Adprizes):

Adprizes is the most important feature in Neobux if you have plenty of time then you must watch adprizes otherwise you can skip this step but remember its a luck game and you can win upto $90 Golden Membership for one year. Other prizes include $0.25, $0.5, $1, $2, $5, $10, $25, $50. This step is more significant for you if you're especially a free member and don't have money to invest in Neobux. Every single advertisement clicked will give 4 adprize chances e.g. if you view 20 advertisements you'll be given 80 adprize chances each of 5 seconds. You can find these adprizes below the fixed(yellow) advertisements. Watch the above video in step 1 to know how to click Adprizes.

Third Step (Mini jobs, Surveys, games, coin offers):

 By following the above method you'll be earning quite handsome amount of money but it still wont be that much. Don't get worry, there are other ways to multiply your earnings as well. Mini jobs are the best way to earn some bucks without much trouble and time. Some of members earn even 30+ dollars a day with just mini jobs. You just have to be good in English and online stuff to do mini jobs. You can find these mini jobs in "offers" tab. Neobux pays you 18% bonus for earning every 1 dollar from Mini jobs if you're a free/standard member  which means if you earn 100$ with Minijobs you'll get a bonus of 18$ from Neobux as a reward and the bonus percentage increases with upgrading membership. Other offers include games and coins games won't pay you much but if you like playing games you can earn some money from games as well or you can ask a kid if he/she likes playing games. There are coin offers as well which gives you coins by completing an offer you can convert these coins into dollars later and can withdraw them. The game which most of people like and find easy to earn money  with is Jig Saw as this game can be finished in less than 3 minutes. So go on and try which you find best for yourself. I'm sure if you do all these steps you can earn at least $15 dollars monthly without any referral and that will be with zero investment. Isn't it good that you are earning not much but at least without investing a single penny from your pocket.

If you still didn't get how Mini Jobs work read this detailed guide below on what these Mini Jobs are and how can you do them:

Fourth Step (Refferals):

If you want to multiply you earnings by many times then you need to get some referrals i.e. RR(rented referrals) or DR(direct referrals). Now what are these RRs or DRs. RRs are those referrals which you pay for. DRs are those referrals which you can get by inviting your friends or your relatives to Neobux  by asking them to register with Neobux through your referral link and these will remain your referral for lifetime. With 100 RRs having an average of 4 clicks per day, you can earn upto $60 dollars monthly as a standard member. If you cant get DRs then you can pay Neobux and rent some referrals which will work for you but remember to extend them before they expire. After reaching 300 RRs stop renting referrals to reach $90 dollars in your account to buy Golden Membership.

Fifth Step (upgrading to Golden membership):

Now you should wait to have $90 dollars to buy a Golden Membership if you didn't already win in adprize. The benefits of Golden Membership are much more than one could imagine. It will multiply your earnings and you could earn upto $400 dollars monthly which is quite a handsome amount of money which you just made without investment from your own home.


Now you should think yourself whether you want to build your account or you want to cashout your money weekly or even monthly as you like. If you want to build your account and want to earn more money then keep renting referrals and invite others to make more DRs. There comes the goal of every Neobux member to upgrade to Ultimate Membership which multiply your earnings by many times. An ultimate member above 4,000 RR makes at least 40+ dollars a day. The best thing about Neobux is that it pays you instantly which means if you have made a cashout request then it will instantly be transferred to your account i.e. Skrill or any other payment processor whichever you like to use for cashout among the other payment processors offered by Neobux. If you don't have a Skrill account don't worry click here to create a Skrill account.

Lastly, the earnings mentioned above are estimated and depends upon various factors like how much clicks a referral would make and the way you work at Neobux.


  1. Mini Jobs are really a good way to increase your income. I made over $1000 dollars with $180 bonus. Nice info for beginners though.

    1. i also wanna do same like you, guide me please, new here

    2. Its easy to do Mini Jobs, just follow the instructions given in the task and answer the questions according to the instructions.

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