How to register for free Neobux Account?

How to register Neobux and make money online
First of all if you don't know what Neobux is then click here and read my detailed post.
In this post I'll tell you how to get registered with Neobux for free.The first thing you need to do, is of course to register at NeoBux official website to start making money. Registration with Neobux is free of charge and works like any other common website registration.
To get yourself registered with Neobux, click here .Once you visit Neobux, it looks like the picture given below:

How to register Neobux and make money online

When you enter in Neobux home page as shown in the above image click on “Register”  as labeled above which will take you to the registration page as shown below:

How to register Neobux and make money online

On this page you need to fill all the blank fields as shown in the red square:-
1- Enter your username (you've to remember this as it would be required to login with Neobux)
2- Enter your password (remember the password should contain numbers and letters only)
3- Repeat your password for confirmation
4- Write your e-mail in the relevant field (remember to use your accessible email address because you'd be required to enter the confirmation sent to your email in the next step, your email could be any like gmail, yahoo etc.)
5- Enter your Payza/Skrill email (If you have Payza or Skrill Account enter the email associated with any of them as you can cash out your payments through these payment processors. Click here to create your Payza account if you don't have it.), or can enter any email address which can be changed later)

6- Enter your Date of Birth (remember to enter your real DoB)
7- Last but not least enter the verification code as shown in your box)
8- Tick mark on "I declare to have read....."
9- Ensure all the information you entered is correct and then click continue.

How to activate Neobux account

A link containing validation code will be sent to you given email address you have to copy that code and paste it in the validation code field and enter the verification code as shown next to verification code box.

Check you email address and find the validation code sent to you by Neobux as shown below.

How to validate Neobux account

After you paste the above code in validation code field click "Finish Registration" this will finish the registration process congratulation now that you have your NeoBux account,  and you are a standard member in Neobux you can start earning money.
Later, in the next posts I will teach you how to login into Neobux and  use it to earn money daily.
If you don't know how to start working at Neobux or how to cashout your earnings then read a detailed guide on how to start working at Neobux.


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