What is Coronavirus? Is wearing a mask enough? 14-days tenure Myth, Symptoms, Medications - Everything you need to know about the virus.

October 22, 2020

 This article is related to previous one (Death as I know it). As I have already entailed earlier that we as a family, weren’t taking Covid 19 seriously and as deadly as it should have been taken so we paid for it high time. Also a few of the factors that I’d say were our bad luck were that when we were caught into this mess, there wasn’t much awareness. For example:


Media was only showing 3 symptoms of Covid 19 attack i.e. Fever, Flu and cough. However Covid 19 can have any of the below symptoms:

·         Fever (which at times you yourself do not realize but it shows on Thermometer)

  • Cough 
  • Flu
  • Sneezes
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Losing taste and smell sense
  • Covid Toe


If you are at home and feel one of the above mentioned symptoms is there, start taking WHO recommended medications for initial stages and get hold of a doctor since doctors are not readily available in this case.

Commonly used medications are:

  • Azomax/Leflox/Macrobac (Formula of Azithromycin) 
  •  Rovista
  • Montika
  • Panadol
  • Cac1000
  • Zinc
  • Folic Acid

These are common medications with normal condition however, depending upon the condition of your lungs which will only be determined once you have your X-ray done if you are having severe cough or difficulty in breathing so in that case doctor will recommend you Anti-clotting injections or tablets (as per doctor’s advice) and steroids such as Dexamethasone or Prednisolone.

Note: Please be noted that I am not a doctor, I am a layman and you shouldn’t be taking any medication without doctor’s advice as certain people have allergic reactions to certain medicines and salts in them.

Wearing mask is just not enough:

Please be noted that wearing just a mask is not enough even if it is N-95. If you are using the same mask again and again without washing and drying in sun then it will not serve the purpose of saving you from germs rather germs will be there on it and if you or any of your kid will touch your mask from outside then it might not have your germs on the outer side but will definitely have germs of other people on it. So it is better to keep changing your mask every time you come from outside, remove it, bin it, wash your hands and use a new one. If you have N-95, it might not be possible to buy new one every time so wash it or sanitize it or disinfect it and put it in sun. Gloves do help but only if you dispose them every time. Otherwise, just keep a sanitizer or wash hands as much as you can.

Qehwa’s and Desi Totkas have aided the spread of this disease worse:

·         Trust me, other than the below mentioned desi totkas, none is helpful:

  • Taking bath with warm water and then using Detol while bathing
    Using phenyl or Detol cleaners while mopping
  • Drinking warm water
  • Having your nose cleaned with warm water
    Taking steam (which might be dangerous in case of a Blood pressure patient)
  • None of the below hyped desi totkas are workable, rather they waste your time, hype one’s blood pressure and cause diarrhea
  • Sanaa makki leaves (please don’t fall for this… this is for weight loss and causes diarrhea)
  • Other totkas for better breathing and clearing throat can be good but not for Corona. Corona is serious and must be dealt seriously
  • Yoga and breathing exercises do help
  • Staying positive does help
  • Will power does help


After effects:

After one recovers from corona, he/she feels depressed, lethargic, tired, exhausted and weak. Not to worry. Take care of your diet. Take supplements. Eat and drink healthy. It usually takes 2 to 3 months in totality from the day you fall a victim of corona till the time you recover fully.

14-days tenure of corona is a Myth:

You all must have heard that total tenure of corona (Covid – 19 ) is 14 days. First it takes 14 days for symptoms to appear and then it takes 14 days to go away. No it is not like that. Even WHO has now said that total tenure is of 21 days (depends case to case). From the day it gets detected to the time it gets negative. One must wait for at least 30 to 40 days to have oneself re-tested after treatment as many a times you get tested yourself after treatment it comes positive again. So let all the virus take its time to go away until you yourself and your body along with the test are all on the same page.


Another myth:

Corona virus doesn't always effect lungs. Pneumonia is one of the most common and classical case of corona virus. But in extreme cases it also can effect other vital organs such as heart, brain, kidney, liver etc. But generally people assume that if a man died with heart attack was not a victim of corona. He might be, you never know.

Do contests and free give-a-ways really help to get more customers?

June 30, 2020
Lucky or not?

Who doesn’t like the idea of getting something extra especially when it is totally free and you have been lucky enough to get it is as gift or win in a contest? This gives a feeling of being smarter than others, luckier, special, stronger, quick respondent and a feeling of being singled out from a group. For once it feels like a super star who is under everyone’s discussion and every other person of that group is comparing themselves with you. Now the question that puts some people into deep thoughts is that do contests and free give-a-ways really help? Let us review some basics about free give a ways and contests and by the end of this article you’d be able to figure out whether or not contests and free give-a-ways help.

From a business point of view contests and free give a ways help to bring in traffic to a great extent. People tend to read that post, respond to it, share it with their friends and do the needful. Once a winner is announced it:
  • Motivates others to keep an eye on the next one
  • Brings in new traffic and target people who have been tagged in previous post.

Bring in new followers

These new faces tag new friends and the circle goes on. Some people are so much enthusiastic to win that they keep trying until they actually win something. Whereas there surely are some who get disappointed, leave negative comments, criticize and vanish. Once a contest is over, number or visitors or involved followers drops for some time until you again involve your devoted followers and introduce new products and services to welcome one potential followers.

Cool Activity

Value of prizes doesn’t matter. Even if it’s a simple key chain, if someone wins it in a contest, he or she feels lucky and will definitely try again. Others try in competition to the first winner. But an important part of introducing a give a way or contest is that you should make it viral. Your gifts might be really awesome but what’s the point of bringing them in if the post hasn’t reached much viewers.

Tips to boost involvement
  •  Decide on the aim of the contest – improve website views, increase social media interaction that will result in visits, attract readers and make them come back more often, award referrals etc.
  • Decide on the best time to run the contest – when it's a season for contests (i.e. Christmas, Easter, etc.), off-season, major website celebrations.
  •  Decide what sort of contest you want – there are several forms of contest, so based on what you choose, you may challenge participants to perform easy or more complex activities. 
  •  Phase one in this course of action is crucial in deciding this thirsty move.
  • Think about some cool and desirable prizes – bonus tip – if you have multiple prices, don't include them all from the beginning, add them up from time to time if you realize you aren’t getting much response. 
  • Start looking for sponsors-either offer the prizes or pay them.
  •  Talk on whether to advertise the contest-social media outlets, email messages, contacting fellow bloggers, talking on time limits as well-how frequently to repeat the announcement and encourage entrants.
  • Get ready for the contest announcement, along with messages on social media – tweets, Facebook status update or special contest page if appropriate.
  • Be very specific about the rules – you can't go back to them later, so make sure they leave space for some unexpected circumstance, like spammers.
  •  Ensure continuous involvement and promoting your contest constantly.
  •  Announce winner on the exact date and time you have mentioned.

Cherry on top

Adding last minute surprise or additional item can be a cherry on top. Contests and free give a ways have become very common now especially on Instagram. They do play their role but only if people actually win. Thy help to promote you, your product and bring in more customers and followers. When winners will use your product (if the contest included your own products) then once they will use them, they will definitely leave a review. So it’s a win-win situation but only if people are actually winning and winners do come back with images of what they have won and reviews of how they feel. It’s a rule of thumb in marketing that people tend to believe general public in terms of entailing your product’s features rather than you yourself bragging about them.

Top 10 Most Profitable Niches And Reasons Of Their Profitability

March 30, 2020

Top 10 most profitable niches and reasons of their profitability

A few people, when first beginning their online business, center around making an item, fabricating their site, arranging marketing or advertising efforts, and setting up an internet shopping store/cart. They have this extraordinary thought for an item. It's a certain victor. So they build up an entire business around that item.

If you need to begin a beneficial online business with the best odds of prevailing out the entryway; you can't turn out badly entering a market that is already profitable

These are the 10 most gainful niches on the Internet:

1. Health

This is firmly identified with the wellness, fitness and weight reduction marketing and there is some cover, yet it's sufficiently distinctive to justify its own entrance onto the best 10 list.

Individuals nowadays like never before are bringing their wellbeing into their own hands. You've seen items in this niche all over the place: without gluten, natural cures, supplements, detoxing… recuperating expressions and results of different kinds. Anything that will advance a solid way of life that keeps away from infection and makes you live more.

Elective health is to a great degree prevalent here. We're not discussing standard prescription. These are fixes and elective medicines that the pharmaceutical organizations don't need you to think about all things considered.

The chances to benefit here are unlimited: books, supplements, data items, physical items, instructing, and so forth. Something else to remember is that there are continually going to be new development territories in this market.

2. Wellness and Weight Loss

For quite a long time, individuals have been fixated on shedding pounds and getting fit. Furthermore, they're continually searching for the following craze diet, practice program, or enchantment pill to enable them to do it.

Organizations have been in that spot with the ones looking to lose weight or are weight conscious with items helping them do only that: supplements, counts calories, health improvement plans, plans for diet and exercises, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. As an advertiser and marketer, you can't ever turn out badly on this specialty. Pretty much every statistic in each nation on the planet is into this.

Once more, don't let the possibility that this market is exceptionally jammed trick you into supposing you can't contend in it. Where there is a great deal of rivalry there are a lot of benefits to be made. Regardless of whether you just get a little bit of the pie; the market is so huge you can assemble a six or seven figure business in this market.

Weight reduction and Fitness will dependably be a demonstrated niche marketing that offers and anyone can snatch their bit of the pie, or should I say apple.

3. Devices and Technology

Regardless of whether it's a tablet or cell phone, PC speakers, mp3 players, shrewd gadgets for the home, thumb drives, cellphone cases, headphones… individuals are infatuated with contraptions and adornments. Everyone needs the most recent innovation. Furthermore, you can benefit from that in a couple of ways.

When you have the items dealt with, you need to center around advertising. One methodology is to profit blogging where you feature all the most recent tech and items going ahead the market.

4. Pets

Individuals love their pets. There are assessed 180 million cats and dogs in the U.S. alone. That is not notwithstanding specifying every one of the snakes, guinea pigs, parrots, and other more extraordinary animals individuals keep as friends. Furthermore, that you've been to a pet store, you realize that pet proprietors will save no cost and will purchase pretty much anything pet-relate.

Canine preparing is likewise an enormous market. At the point when individuals get a doggie, they need to potty prepare the canine. For more seasoned ones, individuals additionally need to prepare them for acquiescence, security, even to do traps. On the off chance that you have an energy for pet preparing you could make your very own data items - like digital books. Or on the other hand you could just offer books and courses of others as a partner.

The fact of the matter is numerous individuals treat their pets and spend more on their pets than they do on themselves, and this is a specialty or niche advertise that is just becoming greater and greater every year.

5. Dating and Relationships

Regardless of whether somebody is searching for a date or love or is into web based dating or is seeing someone battling and searching for an approach to revive the energy, an entire scope of items in the dating and connections specialty are there to help.

Organizations and businesses here incorporate advancing dating sites, huge numbers of which offer commissions to advertisers who send them new recruits. You could likewise advance "get" guides, books on building more grounded connections and correspondence, and the sky is the limit from there.

This is where there is a lot of chances to even niche. You could approach dating for straight couples, dating for gay couples, dating and relationship for certain religious gatherings, and so on the potential outcomes here are comprehensible.

Dating and connections, regardless of whether for single individuals, couples, separated from individuals, and so on will dependably be an immense niche advertisement that offers and is full with benefit potential.

6. Personal development

Otherwise called self improvement, this is an immense specialty on the web. There are courses and projects, books, recordings, web based preparing, training. Regardless of whether somebody needs to fabricate confidence, encounter vocation achievement, increment their certainty, set and accomplish objectives, defeat misfortune or deterrents… there is a personal development item out there.

You don't need to be a major name like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, or have a major brand like The Secret. A little bit of this enormous market can accommodate an exceptionally fruitful online business.

7. Internet Profit

You could make your own data items, courses, digital books, or training programs. Furthermore, if there are any projects or courses from other big-time advertisers that have been additional useful… you can advance those as well as a partner. You could be a piece of the following huge dispatch crusade.

Regardless of whether you're constructing an online business in any of these different specialties, you can show others the methodologies and strategies you've utilized online to manufacture your own business, making another side business of your own encourage web showcasing.

8. Magnificence Treatments

Having smoother more tightly skin, being more brilliant, deleting wrinkles. Looking more youthful and more alluring is an objective of numerous individuals. So any kind of creams, recipes, or comparative items that guarantee to take out or diminish the indications of maturing are exceptionally famous.

Hostile to maturing corrective medicines, healthy skin items, and more are a gigantic business.

9. Riches Building Through Investing

Let be honest, individuals need to profit. Also, they realize that stocks, bonds, choices, forex (money exchanging), prospects, and other venture items are an approach to do that. They've seen the news and each one of those fence stock investments tycoons and super-fruitful speculators trading in for spendable dough. They need to get in on the activity.

Regardless of whether the market is going up, down, or sideways… whether it's a subsidence, melancholy, or blast time… bull or bear advertise… speculation items do well. Since individuals dependably need to profit in the business sectors and you do as such regardless of how the economy is getting along.

Indeed, even this field is always observing new chances; at the present time Bitcoin and digital money are interesting issues individuals need to take in more about.

10. Individual Finance

FICO assessments, contract renegotiating, obligation alleviation, individual advances… there is a lack of necessities with regards to the individual fund niche. Individuals require help dealing with their cash or anchoring cash they requirement for vital costs.

You can likewise make e-learning and training items to enable individuals to explore these issues and enhance their money related circumstance.

Look at other online organizations in that specialty to perceive what they're doing to advance their items, similar to email advertising, promoting pipes, internet based life, and so on.

Display your new business on the "champs" you spot out there. Keep in mind that associate advertisement is an extraordinary method to begin with. You could likewise build up your own items as you develop your business on the web.

Making it work

Concentrating your endeavors on building a business in an officially well known niche is an extraordinary method to get your online endeavor off the ground. There's no mystery here. You know these are items individuals need… and they're founded on inborn human wants and needs that are failing to go away.

You'll have a tremendous head-begin in your statistical surveying and that implies you can be profiting on the web sooner than you thought conceivable. Regardless of whether you offer as a member or make your very own items, you're certain to have the makings of a productive online business.

Let us know your feedback and reviews about the above article so that we can keep coming up with more.

Best alternative of Adsense or any other best advertising network-2018

October 31, 2018

A better understanding of the Infolinks

Let me endeavor to make a legitimate conclusion on an item which I discovered interesting for discussion. In this post, I will disclose for what reason it is imporant to pick Infolinks advertising to procure cash from your blog and in addition specify a few drawbacks which you ought to know well ahead.

Expected Readership

This reading is proposed to direct the individuals who haven't found out about Infolinks or couldn't choose if it is appropriate for them.

If you have officially incorporated Infolinks in your webpage/blog and content with it, you may find this interesting. In any case, if it's not too much trouble don't hesitate to pass/send this post to somebody you may figure this post would be helpful.

Infolinks is an In-Text publicizing system (a type of logical promoting) which checks post and shows significant notice on coordinating words. Showing up back on 2007, Infolinks has increased a lot and made a great name among distributors as of late.

Top 8 Advantages of Infolinks
  • No extra space required: Surely this is the greatest preferred standpoint I found while I was hunting down. As of now specified, Infolinks depends on in-content publicizing and feature the keywords showed up in post, you can have the capacity to use whatever extra space to another commercial for your blog.
  • Splendidly reasonable for beginner blog and webpage: When you begin another blog/website, your activity isn't great and the majority of the ad organizations will turn down your enlistment. Hence, Infolinks perfectly helps and assists the newcomers. To get endorsed from Infolinks is as basic as I am advising to you. Join them and sit tight for max 2 business days and you will get endorsement independent of your webpage/blog status. But still, they have some requirements, make sure to read their Publisher requirements before submitting an application.
  • Easy mix inside blog or webpage: Again another simple yet viable element of Infolinks is its simplicity of coordination inside your blog or website. There are not many lines of java code which you have to either place specifically into your post or add to an HTML/Java contraption. Likewise module/contraptions are accessible for the vast majority of the blog stage, as Wordpress, Blogspot, Joomla, Drupal.
  • Customization of Ads: Another good point is that customization of the advertisements is simple.Only the color and underline type needs to be chosen.
  • High active clicking factor: Since the advertisement is in-text majorly, Advertisements of Infolinks have higher Click Through Rate, which implies one thing without a doubt: more opportunity to earn revenue.
  • Collaboration: The best thing I've found in Infolinks is that it can be run together with other Advertising Networks such as Adsense which is known for its strict policies. You can run Infolinks in your blog or webpage in parallel to other advertising programs without disregarding their terms and conditions.
  • Easy to go: Not very huge n-complex Privacy Policy like programs that are alternate where you at some point get amazed and lost in words jungle.
  • Major Payment Methods Accepted: Paypal, BankWire, eCheck, Pyoneer are the payment methods vide which one can cashout earnings.
infolinks earning paypal

Hindrance with respect to Infolinks
  • Low or close to none payment if the content is bad or if there is any non matching or non coordinating keyword. This is for all advertising. Any content with Awful quality, no coordinating keywords won't deliver great links for advertising. The outcome is that there will be less or no clicks on the links from the visitors. So less chances will be there to generate income. It can be improved by:
Putting great quality post with keyword that matches per post or in light of your blog's specialty. For instance, in case your post discusses the review of affiliate marketing websites so catchphrases like "Offshoot Advertising", "Affiliate Marketing", "E-Marketing", "Affiliate Advertising will be a portion of the ideal coordinated keywords.

  • Payment is low for International Traffic: Unless you are getting your vast majority traffic from USA, the international traffic will not create enough cash for you. There no quick arrangement of this. In any case, a few measures will be:
You may want to index your site to some big names in search engines of US.

Put quality remarks to websites/discussions/forums/blogs in US which are firmly coordinating with your blog subject.

Or on the other hand, you spend cash to generate traffic. There are loads of organizations these days accessible for this purpose. However ensure that you are not deceived with what they guarantee.

make money with infolinks

Despite of all the cons discussed above, the pros weigh more. Notwithstanding this is a decent case for you to perceive how an amateur and beginner blogger can take advantages from Infolinks.
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